George Jonas

The Scales of Justice II book cover The Scales of Justice: Volume II
(with an introduction by Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C.)
CBC Enterprises, 1986
ISBN: 0886191173

True crime.

From the award-wining radio series comes a new collection of ten of Canada's most famous criminal cases, including such causes célèbres as the murder trial of world-famous anthropologist Cyril Belshaw; the hard-fought extradition of Cathy Smith after John Belushi's death; and the infamous case of fourteen-year-old Steven Truscott, first sentenced to die, then improsoned for ten years despite growing public outcry.

The Scales of Justice presents a fascinating insider's view of major criminal cases -- shown through scenes of crime, investigation, and trial.


14th and 15th Annual "Nelly Award" (Toronto, 1985-86)

"Gabrial" Award (San Antonio, Texas, 1985)

Gold Medal (New York International Radio Festival, 1986)